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7 simple RULES:

DO NOT sign up if you are under 18.
DO NOT post any kind of illegal content.
DO NOT post toots containing depictions of children or anything related to them.
DO NOT post toots containing necrophilia or death.
DO NOT spam.
DO NOT bully.
DO NOT use racism or hate speech.

Please REPORT toots not following these rules.
Please use the CW (Content-Warning) function to flag your toots when related to taboos.
Please use proper Hashtags related to your content.
Please if you automate posts, you will only upload a new media after 5 minutes since the last one.

Twimblr is not responsible in any way, for what users upload or post.

However, Twimblr will immediately report to authorities every illegal content, without warnings to the violator users, allowing officers to collect the necessary information and to proceed in any way they consider appropriate for these cases.